Simoné Deyzel

Simoné is a multi-talented asset to our team. She is a Sharepoint specialist, new business analyst, photographer, graphics artist and an invaluable part of our independent team.

Henry McKenzie

Henry is the CEO of Mactron and the brain behind Dadie. Dadie and Webshops is in a Joint Venture, named Dadie Webshops.

Nangamso Mbawu

Nangamso is our newest team member. She is an independent consultant and also provides new business webshops training.

Charles Mc Kenzie

Charles founded Webshops in 1997. He is a technical IT specialist with tons of technical design experience. Some of his custom electronics are fitted in Telkom centers and we’re very proud of him.

Petro Mc Kenzie

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Co-owner of Webshops. Founded Webshops and WordPress Freelancers since 2015. Extensive experience in open source systems with a passion to provide people with feasible opportunities. Developing since 2000.