Get clients to come back to your webshop

On your multilevel marketing webshop, have you ever wondered how you can get clients – old or new – to continuously come back to your website and in return, create revenue and traffic? Well, I have the answer.


Yes, blog. Blog yourself and allow your clients to blog about their experiences with your products or even lovely, trendy subjects.

They will be read, you will be read and the webshop’s content will be on display.


You may or may not have known, but your shops also boasts a blog facility. Think of a few trendy categories to post to, such as “Positive Vibes”, “Testimonials”, “Hot in the News” and whatever you think may be cool to write about.

So how to go about?

  • Log in to your webshop via the Login link
  • Click on New Post
  • Give your post a good and noticeable title
  • Select the category you want to post to
  • Add a few taglines that you think people may find your blog post by
  • If you wish, add a featured image – images always work and draw attention
  • Write to your hearts content and even add images there if you want!
  • If you ordered SEO from us, check at the bottom of the page for suggestions on how to enrich you post with those valuable keywords
  • Once done, click Publish.

And that’s it! Now invite your readers to become users and to do the same.

GOLDEN RULE: Draw traffic TO your site, not away.

I’m looking forward to reading some of your blogs!

Till next time,


Get clients to come back to your webshop
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