Three great Tips for a Successful Webshop

Here are three most important tips for a successful webshop that you as multilevel marketing Independent Consultant can keep in mind, to optimize traffic to your webshop and use it to it’s full potential.


Tips for a Successful Webshop

We have noticed that many of our webshop owners have not yet logged into their webshops. While it is there 24/7 and already creating presence, it can do so much more for you. To log in however, is most important so that you can stay in the loop of things.  It keeps you, AND us, on our toes.


tips for a successful webshop

Remember, your webshop works for you even when you can’t. Take this lockdown period we lived through. You could not reach out on a personal level to your clients by visiting them or setting up pamper parties and probably made use of Zoom, email or social media pages, to make contact with them.

Now you may wonder – do I not already have content on my webshop? After all, it is a shop full of products! The thing is, everyone has products – products aren’t enough.

tips for a successful webshop

Now – if 10 independent consultants of a multilevel marketing company each have a webshop, what would define them from each other? What would make them unique, what would make any user who search for their special product online, make them land on your webshop, wanting to buy from YOU?

The answer is easy: personality.  You have personality that you need to convey to your webshop. If you leave it be with only products displaying, it will be the same as anyone else’s webshop and there would be no competition. Google would have not reason to rank it higher.

We now know that content is extremely important.

Some ideas for content:

  • A product per week – choose a product and write an article about it. Find out the pro’s and elaborate about it
  • A life matter that could see change by using a specific product
  • Recipes
  • Weight loss management
  • Those tips that consultants receive in their email – turn it into articles

If you’re not good at writing – we are! We write content for some of South Africa’s most popular social websites, and if you give us a few hints about articles you would like to see on your webshop, we can do this for you. You can order this separately form us.

Once you have content, the next VERY IMPORTANT factor arises:


If your not on search engines – you’re not being seen. If you’re not being seen, you’re not being found. If you’re not found, you won’t be read. If you’re not read, you won’t have the opportunity to create relatively passive income from your webshop.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization

You can order this service additionally from us. We will supply you with this functionality and you will be able to play around with this, on each content article you write. We will submit this to four of your main search engines, increasing traffic to your webshop. If you don’t have this already – this is second to you content, the most important function you need to order.

This in a nutshell is our tips for a successful webshop to help you succeed in becoming even more successful with your sales. Do not hesitate to make contact with us. You can reach me personally on WhatsApp, or via Email, though you can also (and preferably) reach out on or, via the Support Ticket system to make sure we don’t miss any requests.

Wishing you a super successful June 2020! is a division of Techniworld CC and in joint venture with Mactron, at DADIEWebshops.