We make business happen

Whether you have an existing business or are in the market for new business opportunities, if you’re looking for a successful online business, you’ve come to the right place.

Ask yourself this question: What is my business doing for me, online? Is it extending functionality to my physical business, is it providing services to my clients, am I providing solutions to my clients?

If you can think of something you need for you business, chances are excellent that we can do it. We turn ordinary businesses into high ranking systems that not only draw traffic to your website or webshop, but also make sure that your clients and employees have a platform to work on, that brings everything together.


Each and every multilevel marketing consultant’s personal success and growth, depends on a unique attribute: personality.

Your multilevel marketing business need a personal boost – something out of the ordinary that is not a copy process running from the same link that is available for every consultant and their clients, via your multilevel marketing company’s online store.

We are right in the middle of a pandemic where we could for a few months, not leave our homes to boost our businesses. Your live webshop with features from where you can personally run your campaigns and marketing material including blogs and newsletters, displaying a range of rooibos products, is your direct answer to boosting your multilevel marketing business when you cannot leave your home, while you’re asleep or when you may be ill and not in a position to see clients.

Why both the DADIE system AND the online webshop?

DADIE is your absolute layer of data security. While your webshop is the virtual stage of your business, DADIE is an administrator only interphase from where consultants can login and run certain services they wish to use, such as products they don’t want displayed on their webshops where certain clients do not want or understand internet technology.

DADIE is boosted with a range of capabilities of which you can choose to use. You may or may not, want to use all of it. It consists of an invoicing and stock control system. You can send quotes, delivery notes or invoices from it. Your client’s birthdays can be recorded and automated birthday wishes can be sent.

Your webshop and DADIE is fully integrated with each other. What you can do on the one, you can do on the other and it updates with each other. If you receive an order via your webshop, it updates on DADIE. DADIE will be your overall data center, combining manual orders you setup for clients who do not understand internet technology as well as clients who do make use of your online webshop.

Don’t delay your business because you’re afraid of technology. It is easier than you think, you do not need additional staff to run your webshop or DADIE though you can use them if you’re too busy – but you need to become physically involved. Log in to your webshops – you cannot break anything. Check it out, test it’s capabilities. Sign up for additional services such as search engine optimization or copywriting if you’re not personally able to do so. A team of people are ready to assist you with your needs. The more content you create with you personal keywords that will set you apart from the rest, the more success you will gain because, more people will be reached according to your needs and your personality.

You need DADIE. You need it for people who cannot be bothered with the internet, to keep your business fully updated from all the sources you use, to reach each and every client’s needs.

You need Webshops. You need it to work for you, no matter the time of day, no matter the pandemic, no matter any situation that may hinder you being physically involved with your business.

DADIE Webshops is your absolute answer to every need to make you rise as Multilevel Marketing Consultant in this very competitive business.